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Are you ready for your piercing experience at Ouro? There are a few important things to know before your book your appointment.

  • We charge a piercing service fee. The cost of your jewellery is additional. Click here for more info.

  • We only pierce with jewellery from our showroom. This is because we follow standards for initial piercings set out by the Association of Professional Piercers.

  • Please bring valid, government issued photo ID to your piercing appointment.

  • If you are under 18 years old, be sure to contact us regarding our age policy before proceeding. You’ll need parental consent and attendance for your appointment.

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We charge a piercing service fee and the cost of your jewellery is additional. We specialize in gold jewellery and offer a selection of curate pieces from various designers. Fun fact: Ouro means gold in Portuguese 🙂

Our jewellery is sold individually and starts at around $100 for solid 14k or 18k pieces. All our gold jewellery is nickel and cadmium free. We also carry a selection of implant grade titanium which start at around $50 per piece.

Click here to see our piercing service price list

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Piercing Services

*jewellery costs are additional*

piercing consultations, ear styling, in-studio jewellery viewing
*children’s first lobes consultations are temporarily suspended*

jewellery upsize/downsize and changes


Single Lobe – $30
Two Lobes – $50

Children’s First Lobes – $50 (Temporarily Suspended due to COVID19)
*requires a prior children’s first lobes consultation*

anti-Tragus, conch, daith, forward helix, helix, rook, tragus – $50

industrial, orbital – $60

eyebrow, lip, nostril, philtrum, septum, tongue
(Services under the mask, i.e. oral and nasal piercings are temporarily suspended due to COVID19)

– $50
naval, nipple


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